Psalngs of Solomon Poetic Kabbalah Music and Poetry Album Cover The Psalngs of David Inspirational Poetic Kabbalah Music psalms as songs Psalngs of Solomon Poetic Kabbalah Music and Poetry
psalms as songs About Moshe Daniel psalms as songs
psalms as songs uniting the tribes for peace on earth
uniting the tribes for peace on earth psalms as songs
Psalngs of Solomon Poetic Kabbalah Music and Poetry Psalngs of Solomon Poetic Kabbalah Music and Poetry
psalms as songs psalms as songs
psalms as songs uniting the tribes for peace on earth uniting the tribes for peace on earth
psalms as songs Psalngs of Solomon Poetic Kabbalah Music and Poetry
uniting the tribes for peace on earth psalms as songs Psalngs of Solomon Poetic Kabbalah Music and Poetry uniting the tribes for peace on earth read the lyrics of The Psalngs of David Inspirational Poetic Kabbalah Music

Psalng of Moshe - Ehye Usher Ehye

Part II


I can hear you whispering, Who does he think he is, this one?

But I don’t mind, I’ve already heard that one before this one.

Now listen there my brothers, do you really think I would bring all this,

and not have some sort of plan to get you out of Egypt?


Your new task to unmask the mystery of how to say bye to Death’s Tree,

Is to remove your doubt and let Amalek free

And bring Life as the Joy, and Knowing I shall Be,

And upon Earth you will do it, cause the people so need

And you all agreed

then did concede

you would light up this world and heal ‘til all’s freed

From all competition, and war for partition,

And to fill up a space that is vacant from depletion,

cause you’ve feared the goyim,

put your back to the wall and faced in,

And all your Give was just within,

now that creates some implozion.


In your center Jerusalem,

The heart of All Nations,

Your vibe must be high in that one single thing,

That makes every person lower their spear, kneel, and sing,

Cause when you cry from the rift with the world,

You deny your gift as it’s told,

And people will feel, as they sharpen their steel,

That the world is not safe, those enemies are real,

But those cousins are brothers, brethren, I’ve seen them,

Their hearts are just like ours, wounded and full of Salaam,  

You are the Light to the Nations,

Healing the world of Mis-Relations,

You gotta begin with your in law,

with those you’re closest to,

Cause the one truest law,

Is do unto you

As if your neighbor was too,

And then Love is born,  

And Ishmael that Son of your Father you threw,

Out of your tent,

it’s time to repent,

and welcome anew,

Deeper than all his hate, he is waiting at the gate,

For you to welcome him in, and begin again,

He admires you and waits longing for you to break bread trustin’ him,

Without your trust, he’ll struggle with his past,

And hold on to his karma to bust you

Off of your horse,

and off of your arse,

Every Nation awaits you,

and your uniting ability,

And no rationing

in your giving

of your amazing generosity,

For your family, like a Sea, on the World that’s Round,

On the spot of your plot with your feet on the Ground,

You are the Light to the Nations,

Healing the world of Mis-Relations.


The World to Come is Ehye Usher Ehye

Which is now and forever

Once you get up and are able to deliver,

The love in the sound of your voice,

The ease in your eye

with the shine that is why,

You see them in Shalom, and Love is the same

on this only planet of choice.


Or floating around,

in the World to come,

like a bomb,


It’s Moe’s One,

Like Joe’s Done,

giving out that stored tension,

And so you’ve held it, in the center to build it,

Up like a pie crust, that you got right, on that slow heat,

Around six thousand turns of the cyclical ride,

to wait for Moshiach, good and bad to decide.


When you were created anew, as a Son of Adam to do,

An opposing rule upon the female we gave you,

By strictest of Laws to adhere to,

So that she would be hidden from you,

And blamed for original sin,

whose story is told to begin,

An opening for the man to determine,

What’s wrong and right for both of them.


Cause Mars desired her,

on first laying eyes on her,

beholding the mold of Venus,

Her Beauty so Fair he needed her bare and a slave to his unholy Eagerness.

He wanted to keep her, own her, ruler, just as my book predicted,

And my brother Aaron, as High Priest Cohen, schooled that the Law be respected.

And We did rule the realm of the War,

Cause we came from that red star,

as my people sing,

after the sea’s parting,

Hashem is master of War.

Hashem is master of War.

That’s how the Mars serves backward the Love,

And the Serpent’s role is the mirror Jehove.

And the Torah tells a tale,

That men hold on to not fail,  

Thinking good and bad is in them,

And she perceived the same,

‘cause she believed in the blame,

And that is the root of the Game,

taught the thought that the fall was her fault

not both of them,

Cause love is her center,

and she took on the weaker,

to let him push her down and keep beauty deeper,

And that is implosion,

And how Moshe serves Hashem,

by backwardly bending to serve Them,

And that’s just the same, as the Goddess and Serpent, being Shechinah Hanachush,


And all that potential, stored sealed and torrential, ready for the end-time explosion,

When the held to center Yin, and the Yang pointing in, shake hands for the first since the Garden,

 Which is the same as the Sea split in two, so the One could see self in Union,

And I split the One Sea with my tree, to bring through the Children from Eden,

And I told you about it, right at the start, when waters parted from Ocean,

Is one and the same, Firmament born, as me ending Era Egyptian,

Cause when I struck the stone it made me

stay on the other side of reality,

For with the strike of my staff came a bath,

Altea washed the world for no after math.


And (ancient) Egyptians had secrets, for stacking up stones,

And resemble a lot to me, Atlantis ere it sunk in the Sea,

And they knew how to do, a life-long time on the Planet,

A thousand years reigns Messianic,

Same flood,

you see,

brought on by me,


And the Torah is the sealed vessel for reality,

Keeping it under the tree,

who’s holy text makes you feel,

the world as good and bad is real,

And so We made you, children of Israel anew,

During the era still One and True,

And like any children, we gave you rules and you obeyed them,

Cause We needed to see, ourselves in the mirror,

So one of our self went ‘gainst the other, 

That story we know, it’s all about power,

When I said that he would rule,

it’s only true

in duality which is over,

That we’re responsible to see,

and that is the Game,

We brought when we came,

Can we return, and whisper the Name

Face to face like a Son, feeling no shame?

And roll up the book, and take a second look,

At the world as its waiting, for your true calling,

Of using your genius, and your good-hearted willingness,

It is time for the Venus, to flow from your Soul’s Nest,

And that’s what Lights up your destiny to shine,

Like a golden moon starting the engine,

That begins once the labour is done for the streak,

Six days and six thousand, it’s the same for the seeker,

Figuring out that means we rest from the week,

We’ve kept going for six thousand,

Keeping the Torah,

Cause Abraham had Sarah,

And I brought it through her,

For the Father asked one brother to go ‘gainst the other.

A coincidence, I think not, that Abraham’s sons,

had a brother kill brother,

And Adam had Kain who envied the other,

so he too was thrown out for his crime,

Yet Ishmael laughed just as Sarah asked,

So it shows a strange schism in rhyme.

And Abraham’s time, 6000 too,

And Adam Rishon, was 6000 too,

Cause Abraham is the first jew,

And Adam’s off-spring’s the same, he’s one too,

Born anew in two and not one,

And they had the brothers, who go against brother,

So that we can bring it together and uncover,

The truth of our connection,

and we’ve been in reflection,

Forgetting we’re kin, and to welcome you in,

And that is the healing we’ve all been yearning,

Cause it makes no sense,

They should have kept him

in past tents,  

as he rejoiced, in Sarah’s choice,

To hear people’s mirth, at the miracle birth,

Instead they sent him,

just as Kain, out to turn against them,

That is their karma, that is their fate,

How brothers can hate,  

Build up fences and lock gates,

And sitting in Jerusalem, right between them,

Is this rift, fear, hate, suspicion,

Radiating out in every direction,

To Every Nation,

So we've had this situation,

Where a Bush is burning,

And a war is churning,

And the fight began turning,

In the name of evil spurning,

But the fire of this shrub,

Consumes the source, like money grubbers,

And is burning up the blood of the Earth by the rubber,

So clear to see, he doesn’t do what he says, 

The evil spreads through his ways like a wave,

And what you should say,

Since you share the same page,

Love is the golden and top of all ways,

And how can you do, in the name of the Book?

We see you do not, and your sham is so crooked.

Jehova’s people have the power, to point your palm at them,

And drown them in love’s all nation anthem,

Cause once he feels it, he just can’t deny it,

And he opens his eyes at what he’s done with the power,

Was it really thinking of his people, as he swore at that hour?

And he becomes the best leader,

That’s ever been thus

The best president to live since the US

Took England’s ball to run the world

End domination,

Fiery Bush we shall tell him,

And be a president that serves the good of all nations, 

And thus you become, the two in the one,

The worst and the best to ever have run.

Such is his good and his bad,

his matter and anti,

his chance to help set the world free, 

the Yin and the Yang, Adam and Eve, and the One that is both that is three,


Yet in order for One to see,

it must start with a split

for the One is just It,

And every country has had such a rip, a flaw and the good all wrapped in it,

And Israel’s seal is an end of days rescue, mixed with the Law that started duality,

And Joseph rescued his brothers, and saw himself above them,

And so have my people, felt above the goyim, 

And so shall the Hebrews bring in the tribes,

Of sisters and brothers who have spread far and wide,

and need to confide,

In your ability

to set everyone free,

to be the saviours as is your destiny,

For the Jewish people were slaves, and so was Jacob’s best,

And did anyone ever tell you, we’re from the same nest?

He was a prince, and I was for a while, 

And did you know we both got drawn up from the Nile?     

It was his bones, that held up my flesh,

And I am sealed to my people whose life he enmeshed,

And I brought their destiny, sealed in a vessel to be,

Slaves, cast out from the tribes,

As you did do to your brothers,

Before Karma did it harder to you,

though you’re softer with others,

it’s the same old mistake, a habit to break,

And Joseph’s reflection is for you to discover,

And see the wonder, at the end of this world here,  

We save the tribes that put us out,

Who have just been saying all about,

How you think you’re better,

But where’s the action?

And so they’ll take it back,

As we take them all back

in from Every Nation.


And the other matter and anti of you and me,

is that we split our hearts with Mars whose spear guards it

And what it’s ‘all’ about my people,

Was to be able to have Love experience evol,

By hitting It with a whip, joined at the hip,

And he does it, with the mind trip,

that I writ,

to begin it,

saying Eve is bad in it,

a Law to beget a band around her fingers,

'til Death part the lovers,

not the happiest oath for the mothers,

cause her bin is to revolve around him,

when She is really the center and surrounds Him.


And as they’ve been apart for so long, that’s what it took,

Cause so great is the Love, it takes a long time to cook,

In separation of union, creating potential for six thousand,    

So great is the freed energy when the poles shall Return,

And thus the mirror allows Love to Learn,  

Itself with It’s feeling and alive the Bush can burn,


And never allow us, to swarm their office,

And rend them

limb from limb,

cause now is the time,

For love to win again,

and not lose a soul in the process.  

Yet if they try to ban, the truth free for all to understand,

And turn their soldiers upon your lands,

Then disband like the sands,

To all other nations,

And start up the stations,

For all people to wave on,

The flag of the Earth in Heart spinning,

The Hearth is the home where it’s starting.


So wo is man, if he won’t listen to women, and the land goes dry on the firmament,

And the water is stored, deep down in a well, and now flows to wash out the government,

And it’s the power they want, the man for her land, as blood-of-Her-womb hungry Presidents,


And I’m glad you made it clear,

to ask what do I do back here?

It’s for one and two little reasons,

One is like the first Moshe me,

a fiction of memory,

to free you from enslavementreasons.

Two is the gladdest, the freest and Usher Ehyest,

And that’s your Destiny

to be anew with me,

A Life-Giving Tree,

with such pure energy

in your soul sphere centered,

And a secret fire,

with a cold flame,

I whispered It’s name,

and I entered.


Tiferet here, you may have forgotten, is your Core’s mentor,

Your analogy, perfectly begotten, is the Sacred Healer Centaur,

Who gave his Life, to Prometheus, to advance civilization,

And he too is chained, to a rock, and remained, a slave to repetition.

With fire from Gods, a Man from Mars, Moshe that’s my station,

And here’s the analogy,

of the One that is three,

for Mars truly serves Venus,

And then she’s filled with Love for thee,

and thus flows the Life to your genius, 

And my words are akin,

as a Son spoke within,

and planted a seed of a Genus,

Of a flower that's free

filled with Love and To Be,

For the son of Mary who waters,

With her tears for the child,

A gold enlightened radiance,

In sacrificial sufferance,

Is all that really matters,

To make this world a better place,

For all the Sons and Daughters,

You won’t say His name,

That is one in the same,

as keeping Love at a distance,

And the irony,

from iron me,

is that you had to get all this from Moses

When now you can read,

Clearest yet as a seed,

I scribe again as I wrote,

In Psalngs of Psalngs,

I correct the wrongs,

of a thousand women that pleased me,

I set down a knee,

Bow my head and decree,

For the Love of the One,






And the Goddess’ way, as the eve starts the day, is Ehye usher Ehye,

And she is the Love and has a name from above whispered softly Shekinah,

And Ruach haChaim, she is the stream, pouring out from the river, 

Bringing the waters of Heaven Returned healing the land to deliver,


It’s the Love that imagined you,

and the Love wanted you,

To know your own self,

and thus became your Creation,

In a realm with a mirror,

to see you are true,

And all this time,

Not just a reflection.


And to be living in a world untrue,

takes something very special in you,

to be able to do,

the exact opposite of you,

with a whole world against you,

as you saw too,

And held on in,  

For 6,000

and 6,000,000,

And you see yourself now in the world with a mirror that is Torah reflecting to you,

That you were slaves,

in a land full of knaves,

and the world was thus,

cause Tovrah is true

and false,

And being a slave is false and true,

for you have toiled through the ages to do,

The Law that I brought

blueprint book in a knot,

reading you were slaves made it true.


And my reason number two,

to tell you,

is that worship of the Book is done,

and you’re ready for reason One,

And reason One is Every Nation,

Only a Son can Be or go against a Son,

And so you were meant to do,

until this day,

in a Law-based way,

And the Creator’s need to challenge Itself fulfills simply in you,

The very day, you give it away, by being true, to free Love in you.


And thank you for your ex-implosions,

Freeing your ancient emotions,

Letting those near you end their explosions

And fulfilling your covenant

that can not remain dormant, 

It just is the time at the end of the rhyme

of the game that we claimed

Since the beginning of time,

to fight for and love’s freedom

And now when we allow love’s expressions,

Down will fall all single ones,

Trying-to-rule-as-God-over mansions,

And so shall rise what’s been sunk,

lost ark and love’s tree since the ban,

And now at last,

the Light is cast,

And the Nations are brightened,

Or L’Goyim’s been lightened.

I AM Returned - quite an end!

And the Garden of Eden is Heightened.



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